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With the acceleration of digital channels, customers today interact with brands in a very different way. In this new reality, marketeers need sophisticated techniques to acquire and retain customers.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, new habits, behaviours and expectations define the New Customer. To win over this customer, marketing teams must adapt to an increasingly complex environment. This will force them to modernise like never before.

However, they will also be under relentless pressure to do more with less and deliver the best returns. To drive growth, marketeers will have to rapidly understand their changed customer. They will also have to become capable of influencing purchasing behaviour and decisions.

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How we can help

Modernising your marketing function

Achieving marketing effectiveness requires investment in capabilities, processes and talent. We help you assess marketing maturity in your organisation to identify required capabilities. Our goal is to create agile teams for a culture aligned to sales and service operations.

Marketing and planning strategy

We help create customer-centric positions that can deliver both short-term impact and long-term brand building. We use advanced analytics, market research and performance metrics to give you a full understanding of your customers, as well as overall market dynamics. With The Six Pillar experience excellence framework, we also ensure effectiveness throughout the customer experience.

Channel strategy and messaging guidelines

We take an ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’ approach to ensure a continuous experience for your customers. We do so by unifying channels with messages and helping you set clear objectives that shape key performance metrics.

Proving the value of brand activation and investment

In these times of crises, we help you show the value creation from investing in the brand. This can assist you to make a clear case for brand investment. Using insight, analytics, performance and economic data, we look at possible sales conversions to justify spend.

Media buying and value chain audit

Many agencies leave significant value on the table as a result of a lack of trust and a changing media landscape. We help you take back ownership of your media programmes. We advise you on achieving cost savings and redirecting them to high-growth opportunities.

Marketing and media effectiveness insights

Talk to our expert

Bringing over twenty years international experience working in creative, media and marketing roles, mostly in agency and advisory contexts and almost exclusively with a remit to optimize the commercial impact of a client’s brand and marketing assets and investments. 

With a grounding in banking and pure-play strategy consultancy, Joanna brings a strong commercial lens to the table, a discipline has created competitive advantage for her clients across her career through delivering data-driven brand strategy, proposition and portfolio optimization, marketing efficiency models and customer experience design. As a functional specialist she takes great pride in the breadth of sectors she works across, enabling clients to benefit from tangential learnings but has developed specific sector expertise in the consumer packaged goods (CPG), retail, professional services and financial services (FS) spaces. Jo also brings extensive international experience, having lived and worked for over ten years in Asia and been educated across the UK and Switzerland (Oxford and IMD). Her understanding of and experience in global firms and cultures, particularly around the field of marketing and brand management, is much respected.