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K-Helix can simplify XBRL reporting, for numerous requirements and regulators. No more spreadsheets, legacy technology or time-consuming processes.

K-Helix can simplify XBRL reporting, for numerous requirements and regulators.

A new approach

Existing systems can be slow, expensive and often built for a specific purpose. K-Helix is designed to be fast, flexible and user-friendly. We use intelligent technology to remove IT dependencies, simplifying the
reporting process of your firm. 


Flexible in more ways than one

K-Helix offers integration with existing systems. End users can load data in and out of the software with no middle step.


Potential benefits

» Replaces out-of-date systems and processes

» Quick response to regulatory changes

» Extensive functionality

» Automates the workload


What do our clients use K-Helix for?

» CRD IV reporting

» Solvency II

» UK-Rep (Capital+ and FINREP+)

» Liability data reporting


What’s included?

XBRL embedded

With K-Helix, all of the XBRL is embedded ‘behind the scenes’, removing the need for users to understand XBRL itself. 

Flexible data gathering

Users can export/import templates directly from existing Excel set ups, no hassle, no lag time. 

Real time validations

K-Helix runs all validations released by your regulator in real-time, comprising tens of thousands of checks. 


You can compare filings to prior periods, helping to ensure consistency and accuracy from one quarter to the next. 

Customisation with you in mind

K-Helix offers flexible customisation, allowing users to build dashboards and board packs as and when they want.


And there’s more…

Implementation in minutes

K-Helix is a desktop software that can be downloaded in minutes. Just visit our technology portal where the installer, user manual and release notes are stored. 

Continuous innovation

New releases are issued within weeks of reporting updates. We perform extensive in-house testing. 

Effortless scalability 

Designed for the largest of financial institutions, right down to the smallest. K-Helix handles hundreds of thousands of data points with ease. 

All the support you need

A highly qualified, dedicated team with years of experience can assist you throughout your reporting process.


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