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KPMG Client Asset Risk Tracking Software

KPMG Client Asset Risk Tracking Software

KPMG Client Asset Risk Tracking Software

The protection of Client Assets (CASS) is still a significant priority for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Along with the Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) CASS Assurance Standard, this is driving firms to have a clearer picture of how they control their CASS risks.

From working with our clients, we know that tracking and monitoring CASS risks and controls is a time consuming process. This is especially true for those whose CASS risk and control monitoring process requires the manual updating of spreadsheets, an approach which is often prone to human error and difficult to maintain. This, combined with the increasing scrutiny around the CASS risk tracking process, means a new approach is essential.

KPMG Client Assets Risk Tracking Software (CARTS), provides a single, user-friendly digital platform to securely maintain your CASS risk and control data – giving you more time to actively monitor and navigate your CASS risks.

KPMG Clients Asset Risk Tracking Software features:

  • A highly configurable platform which, can replicate your CASS structure.
  • Risk and control tracking, sign off, and breach monitoring.
  • Controlled and hyper-secure user access.
  • Powerful management information to provide ‘at a glance’ dashboard reporting.
  • Continual monitoring of the regulation.
  • Complete audit trail sign-off on data.

Developed by our CASS experts

KPMG Client Assets Risk Tracking Software has been designed and is supported by our leading team of UK CASS experts. To learn more or request a software demonstration, please contact us at