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Applying US GAAP Standards

Applying US GAAP Standards

Whether it’s the application of existing US GAAP to a new transaction, conversion to US GAAP, or impact assessment of new US GAAP, we can help.

We help in application of existing US GAAP to a new transaction, conversion to US GAAP...

Applying new/existing US GAAP standards

Are you concerned about reaching the right accounting answer under US GAAP in an increasingly complex accounting environment? Perhaps you are looking for a sounding board – someone to call for informal US GAAP Accounting advice? Our team will help you reach the right US GAAP accounting answer in the context of reporting objectives, commercial reality and regulatory requirements.

Your issue

  1. What is the SEC focussing on this year?
  2. You have received a comment letter from the SEC challenging your US GAAP accounting or disclosures – do you want a sounding board or technical support in drafting a response?
  3. Analysts want to know how the FASB’s latest exposure draft will affect reported results. How will its proposals affect earnings, debt covenants and net assets?

How we can help

  1. We can provide you with the SEC hot topics, highlighting the areas relevant to you.
  2. Using our breadth of experience in working with the SEC and other SEC registrants, we can assist in the preparation of an appropriate technical US GAAP accounting or disclosure response.
  3. We can help you to perform an initial US GAAP impact assessment, highlighting the differences between current requirements and the FASB’s proposals.

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