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Are you concerned that your group structure no longer supports the way your business is managed but are not sure about the most efficient way of restructuring?

Would you like to implement a restructuring plan but are worried about the accounting implications?

Do you lack confidence in the distributable reserves positions of the entities within your group and the lawfulness of proposed transactions?

Do you spend considerable time each month reconciling intercompany balances and considering the recoverability of those accounts?

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How we can help

Our team will work with you from planning to implementation, ensuring that a proposed restructuring or group simplification is implemented in the most efficient manner and that all potential pitfalls are identified and addressed early on. Our access to a wide range of resources within the KPMG network enables us to cover all aspects of a restructuring plan implementation. Our proposed approach will combine a best practice model with customised aspects for your business. By investing time in getting to know your business, we ensure that you have the answers to fulfil your business needs.

We can devise an efficient group structure that will streamline your legal entity structure by eliminating redundant entities. This helps deliver annual cost savings, increased efficiency and reduced risk for the directors.

We can further support the implementation of the proposed group simplification plan by providing technical accounting guidance, presenting the plan to internal stakeholders, liaising with other specialist advisors like tax and legal and reviewing documentation.

We can also review the distributable reserves position of each company within the group and provide advice on how distributable reserves can be maximised.


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