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Accounting change

Accounting change

Helping you articulate your transition through this accounting change.

Articulating your accounting change transition.

There are a multitude of choices available in the way IFRS 16 is implemented and the effects can ripple out to your entire business. 

We can help with evaluating transition options, project planning, documenting accounting policies, benchmarking key judgements, identifying embedded leases and communication with non-accountants.

In the complex world of IFRSs 9,15 and 16, it pays to understand the accounting for your contracts upfront. Minor tweaks to your contract can result in a more favourable accounting position, often without impacting the commercials. 

Do you know how your P&L and balance sheet will behave under your new contracts? Have you considered impacts on your KPIs and covenants?

Many companies’ Brexit plans include changes to customer, supplier and financing arrangements. Have you thought through the financial reporting implications in your Brexit planning?

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