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Zero Basing

Zero Basing

Zero Basing is a powerful mechanism to optimise resources by taking a fresh look at an organisation’s cost base and re-allocating resources.

Optimising resources to achiever operational efficiency.

In today’s competitive markets, businesses need to achieve operational efficiency as never before. But the traditional approach of top-down cost-cutting and benchmarking alone is a blunt tool that doesn’t lead the changes required to sustain benefits in the long-term.

A different approach is needed.

Zero Basing is a way for businesses to take a completely fresh look, from scratch, at their cost base. We help businesses accurately capture the current baseline position, and then work through the options from a clean slate.

This creates a financial reboot of the business – or business segment - that drives trade-offs between risk and value, reallocating resource to the point of greatest strategic impact. The prize can be significant. We have helped many organisations achieve savings of 15% to over 30%, compared to their prior spend, or improve returns for the same level of investment. 

Zero Basing is not just about numbers and cost savings. By engaging people in the journey, businesses can optimise the way they operate, unlocking growth and improve agility.

We help with that people journey. We understand the human dimension and provide the support (and challenge) needed to really bring out the best, as well as enable sustained changes in the organisation afterwards.

Zero Basing: a powerful mechanism to optimise resources and provide full visibility of spend.


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