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Financial and Business Modelling

Financial and Business Modelling

In an increasingly complex and uncertain world, management’s intuition in challenging assumptions and making decisions is simply not enough.

Management’s intuition in making decisions is simply not enough.

Spreadsheet-based modelling can provide business leaders with flexible tools to help make informed decisions, but such tools can suffer from a lack of quality, robustness, security and reliability. This could have a severe impact on the quality of decision-making. According to a KPMG survey, 70 percent of models contained errors that affected their results and over 75 percent of models had no formal quality assurance procedures. 

KPMG’s Modelling team can help you build bespoke financial models that are flexible, robust, accurate and easy-to-use, with clear reports designed to deliver tangible business benefits. We also review and test models to enhance their quality and reliability, improving the overall quality of decision-making or third-party confidence in the outputs.  

Our modelling advisory and consulting services include helping build models to quantify and evaluate strategic directions, developing tools for forecasting specific business operations and refining restructuring models. We also help businesses construct bespoke operations for cost optimisation programmes that allow for flexible reporting, immediate business benefits and key user functionality.

For more detail on all of KPMG's modelling advisory and consulting services, contact us today.

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