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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Helping your organisation face complex cyber security challenges in an increasingly technology-driven environment.

Helping your organisation face complex cyber security challenges.

In today's technology-driven environment, we understand that your organisation faces complex challenges. Our 2019 CEO Outlook report revealed that 71 percent of CEOs say their organisation views information security as a strategic function and a source of competitive advantage. However, as businesses grow so do their cyber risks, with the average cost of a data breach exceeding $3.9 million[1].

Considering these challenges, the correct approach to cyber security is not purely reactive. Cyber security should instead be viewed as a method to drive positive change within your business. It provides increased confidence when pursuing business transformation, increases customer and shareholder trust, and through investments in technology, enables increased productivity.

At KPMG, we help our clients to proactively understand, prioritise, and manage their cyber security risks, enabling them to focus on their customers and core business needs. We also understand that cyber security cannot always be considered in isolation. We work closely with our wider consulting practice, drawing on expertise from teams such as Solutions & Digital, Technology Advisory, and Forensic, to deliver cyber security services that complement, and integrate with, broader improvement programs.

In 2019 we were recognised as a market leader in the Forrester Wave report for Cyber Consulting Services for the 3rd consecutive year, and with a global network of over 2,000 cyber security practitioners, we can provide the support and guidance you need to adapt to new threats and turn cyber risk management into a competitive advantage.

KPMG’s Cyber Security Services

With our full lifecycle of services, which cover all aspects of Cyber Security from the board room through to the back office, we believe that cyber security should be about what you can do – not what you can’t.

  • Strategy and Governance: Our team can help you align your security agenda with your dynamic business and compliance priorities, enabling a forward-thinking security posture that proactively tackles risk.
  • Transformation: By leveraging our alliances with industry leaders, we can help you to design, implement and improve your cyber processes and controls to meet regulatory standards and deliver against your cyber strategy.
  • Cyber Defence: Our ethical hacking specialists will help you to find your organisation’s vulnerabilities before the criminals do.
  • Incident Response: We can help you prepare for cyber incidents and respond effectively when they occur through our global network of incident response experts.

For more information about how we can help you secure the future of your business, contact us today.

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