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Regulatory transformation: Privacy services

Regulatory transformation: Privacy services

Pragmatic solutions to help you to manage your data and privacy risks.

Supporting you on your data privacy journey

Privacy is front of mind for today’s businesses. The regulatory oversight and increasing exposure to fines has made data a prominent operational risk.

Consumers are also waking up to their data rights and how they can leverage them, a trend which will only accelerate. Cyber-crime sophistication is continuously evolving, and data breaches have become a case of “when, not if”.

Despite the prominence of these risks at Board-level, the way many organisations manage data or try to build investment cases (outside of cyber) is fundamentally broken. Data ownership is fragmented into functional siloes and there is no central stakeholder or team that holds a holistic view of the organisation’s data.

An incomplete understanding of the data universe leads to tactical workarounds and point solutions to meet the minimum regulatory thresholds. As a consequence, many companies view their data as an unknown quantity, and one which presents a liability for their business rather than a strategic asset to support growth.

We deliver pragmatic solutions tailored to your circumstances and change appetite. This includes:

  • Defend: Using KPMG’s Privacy Management Framework (PMF) to give our clients: i) a robust maturity assessment and clear future state and ii) design, implement and monitor privacy risk and compliance covering risk and control framework design and privacy compliance embedding programme.
  • Industrialise: Using KPMG’s solution set to deliver our clients sustainable, cost-effective compliance covering: i) Privacy Apps – (Data Subject Rights, Personal Data Breach, Privacy Impact Assessment, Privacy Helpdesk and, Article 30 Inventory), which can be bought in isolation or combined into a single end-to-end solution, ii) Data scanning - solution to find and document data flows on an on-going basis including automatic policy violation alerts, locate and index personal data by data subject, and, automated data risk assessments and iii) DPO Services - a range of DPO capabilities focused on ongoing review and challenge.
  • Transform: For forward thinking clients we have used the investment and focus in privacy compliance as a strategic vehicle to create a data-engaged, privacy-aware business that are fit to innovate and compete in a dynamic digital world. We are helping a number of clients to unlock data as an asset for all business users in terms of better collection and use to drive improved proposition development, business and risk management, performance improvement and cost reduction to build a learning agile organisation. This is reinforced and embedded in new ways of thinking and working to evolve to a data-enabled business.

To find out more, watch this video about how GDPR has impacted organisations post implementation.


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