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Climate Change

Climate Change

Climate change is a challenge but also an opportunity. We help our clients cost effectively manage their strategies for mitigation and adaptation.

We help our clients manage their strategies for both mitigation and adaptation.

Climate change

Our world has entered an era of unprecedented environmental and social challenges. This creates the need to develop economies that are more sustainable and, at the same time, more profitable and competitive.

Turning this aspiration into reality is not an easy task. It will depend on having all key stakeholders fully engaged and will require effective policy frameworks, efficient and affordable green technology and investments flowing to the underlying projects.

Building on our experience in policy development and in financing and implementing infrastructure projects, KPMG member firms work with governments across the globe to design and put into action green growth strategies that stimulate private sector co-investment. At the same time we work with corporates to turn the green growth agenda into competitive advantage - helping them to manage risks, reduce costs, develop new products and services and enter new markets.

KPMG works with the public sector to:

  • Develop country wide or sector specific green growth strategies in the context of national priorities
  • Identify and prioritise opportunities for nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMA)
  • Raise finance for implementation of green growth strategies including NAMAs
  • Economic analysis and structure of financial mechanisms to mobilise private sector finance in green growth projects
  • Design of systems for project management, measurement, reporting and evaluation of GHG emissions and performance
  • Inclusion of  private sector in national initiatives through consultations and stakeholder engagement
  • Capacity building to strengthen technical and institutional capacities of key stakeholders at the country level to drive implementation of actions

Corporate clients use our services to:

  • Review international and national developments in green initiatives to identify risks and opportunities and the markets offering the most promising business opportunities
  • Work with companies to review their business models and product offering and develop strategies to enter new markets through green investments and/or development of green products
  • Identify investment opportunities in relation to green growth projects and sustainable business
  • Help corporates to understand the evolving and complex landscape of green tax penalties and incentives worldwide and develop a response
  • Enhance regulatory strategies by engaging with governments and industry associations to provide a business view of how regulation can best be designed to help achieve their green policy goals.

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