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KPMG Powered Enterprise | IT

KPMG Powered Enterprise | IT

KPMG Powered Enterprise | IT

Build a truly agile IT function

“CIOs are preoccupied with aligning IT to the business, and capitalising on emerging technologies. But there’s another challenge: transforming the way you manage and deliver your IT services.

“KPMG Powered IT does exactly that – and separates truly agile IT functions from the rest.” - Adam Woodhouse, KPMG in the UK

Make sure your IT services deliver

In the digital era, IT transformation must go far beyond efficiency gains. The pressure is on to create customer-centric IT services that respond intuitively to the changing needs of the business. 

KPMG Powered IT can jumpstart the transformation of your IT Function. It taps into the potential of the cloud, automation, predictive analytics and machine learning, enabling you to: 

  • Deliver an agile IT function that’s in tune with your business requirements 
  • Accelerate the adoption of the latest technologies and IT practices
  • Transform your IT Service Management team to delivery IT at Market Speed
  • Support your wider organisational transformation 
  • Reduce implementation risks, thanks to our market-leading solution and technological capabilities. 

All in all, that means more return on your investment in IT transformation. 

KPMG Powered IT is much more than just a cloud-based technology package. We’ve leveraged our global IT delivery and transformation best practice experience to pre-configure core IT service and business management processes on the market-leading ServiceNow platform. This has resulted in the creation of a complete ‘enterprise ready’ solution founded our Powered Target Operating Model (TOM), which includes pre-built model templates, processing frameworks, tooling, training materials, reports and delivery accelerators. With KPMG, you’ll get a fully configured solution to fit your organisation. 

Powering enterprise transformation

Powered IT is part of our Powered Enterprise solution: a next-generation transformation framework. 

Powered Enterprise doesn’t just transform business functions. It provides a sound basis for the continued evolution of each function; and embeds the benefits of transformation throughout the entire organisation. 

What comes next is Powered IT by KPMG.