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KPMG Powered Enterprise | HR

KPMG Powered Enterprise | HR

KPMG Powered Enterprise | HR

Enhance the value of your people

“Delivering a flexible and empowered workforce is one of the greatest priorities – and challenges – for global enterprises right now.

KPMG Powered HR puts you on a fast track to achieving this. It drives performance through data, and helps you to create a genuinely agile workforce.” - Phil Mitchel, Powered HR Lead, KPMG in the UK

Make HR a strategic partner to your business

An agile, high-performing workforce doesn’t have to be pipedream. Our Powered HR cloud solution puts it within your reach.

KPMG Powered HR will jumpstart your HR transformation, and enable you to deliver engaging, consistent and employee-centric services. Leveraging the agility of the cloud, our leading target operating model, templated tooling and decades of business technology experience - it will allow you to:

  • Reshape your workforce based on the evidence of data. 
  • Empower your people to deliver more value. 
  • Optimise your HR function using the latest digital technology. 
  • Access the latest HR innovations, practices and processes. 
  • Reduce implementation risks through our world-leading technological capabilities.

All of which adds up to more return on your investment in HR transformation. Instead of designing a solution from scratch, our experts will work with you to validate our pre-configured models – allowing you to see the answers sooner, implement faster, and generate a greater step change in HR delivering value for your business.

Powering enterprise transformation

Powered HR is part of our Powered Enterprise suite: a next-generation transformation framework.

Powered Enterprise doesn’t just transform core back-office functions. It provides a basis for the modern evolution of each function, helping embed the benefits of transformation throughout your entire organisation.

What comes next is Powered HR by KPMG.