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IT Sourcing Services

IT Sourcing Services

Helping businesses source the digital solutions they need to disrupt their industries.

Turn technology sourcing into a competitive advantage.

In order to seize the opportunities offered by digital disruption, organisations are forced to adopt new technologies and ways of working at speed and scale in order to survive and thrive. IT budgets are rising year on year to meet the demand for new and emerging technologies, however, obsolete core business platforms combined with critical skills shortages can result in businesses entering commercially compromising situations, when going to market to buy complex technology solutions that they have little or no experience of procuring. 

We are experts in digital sourcing, and help our client organisations successfully derive greater value from the c. $3 trillion they spend on IT services globally each year. We can offer expert insight into a dynamic and fast moving market place, and support businesses through the full procurement lifecycle from understanding complex requirements to contract and execution. Aligning our deep understanding of commercial models and emerging products and services with our customers’ core business objectives, we can help organisations negotiate strategic vendor relationships and implement the digital solutions that enable them to disrupt their industries. Our IT sourcing team provide support in the following areas: 


Agile Delivery and Complex System Integrators

Agile software development is a group of methodologies, utilising incremental, iterative work sequences or sprints delivered by cross-functional teams, aimed at accelerating delivery and embracing changes in business requirements. Agile requires a commercial model that balances flexibility and customer protections, with cost and quality. Download our paper ‘Contracting for Agile: finding a new way’ for more information. 

Next Generation Services

With a growing demand for increased agility and cloud centric services, we help organisations implement the latest cloud applications, data hosting services from “hyperscale” vendors such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, and next generation networks services that provide the infrastructure to support the move to the cloud. 

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships create an avenue for organisations and service providers to drive more value by co-developing solutions and jointly defining strategic roadmaps for mutual benefit. We help businesses select key partners and develop trusting collaborative relationships that support their growth agenda. 

Sourcing Execution

We offer independent support and advice for clients across the sourcing lifecycle, from initial scoping and solution design through contract negotiation, to governance and optimisation of contract performance. 

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