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KPMG Cloud Cost Management

KPMG Cloud Cost Management

Unlock the value of cloud by managing costs more effectively

Unlock the value of cloud by managing costs more effectively

With public and private cloud usage rising rapidly, many enterprises struggle to keep cloud spending under control. We have pioneered a managed service for cloud cost management to help organisations manage cloud costs more effectively.

Our approach combines a structured approach to identifying savings, skilled cloud architects and specialist cost analysts to pinpoint where costs can be reduced. Using a proprietary database of more than 150, high-value, cloud spend levers, our specialist team carries out cloud cost optimisation exercises working with the tools organisations already have to report on their cloud spend.

Some of the critical levers include:

  • Forecasting demand for cloud: to access cost-saving measures like volume discounts, ‘reserved instances’, optimising utilisation and spot pricing
  • Data storage: applying the right archiving policies to the data needs of applications
  • DevOps: only acquiring licenses for tools that are actively used
  • Monitoring software development cycles: so that cloud services are only utilised when needed.

We aim to help clients get all the benefits of cloud at the optimum price, by gaining a holistic view of cloud usage and selecting the right configurations of services.

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