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Reporting: KPMG Performance View

Reporting: KPMG Performance View

We can help you translate data into actionable insights, to diagnose the performance of your financial management systems.

KPMG Performance View helps you translate data into actionable insights.

Robust management information provides vital knowledge, but collecting the data required and making it usable and insightful can be expensive and labour intensive. Ensuring data is objective is an additional challenge. Even businesses that clear these hurdles can find it hard to translate data into actionable insights to diagnose performance.

KPMG’s integrated performance management platform, Performance View, offers a complete and cost-effective solution. Incorporating sophisticated analytics from our award-winning data & analytics capability, it makes it easy for your business to better assess and manage performance so it can make decisions with confidence.

Delivered as a managed service, KPMG Performance View:

  • Relieves you of the administration associated with data collection and remediation, as well as making it available easily online
  • Consolidates and visualises your data in easy-to-read dashboards, tailored to your requirements and creates easy to interpret reports 
  • Translates your data into trusted, actionable insights by overlaying it with KPMG expertise and industry best practice. The software highlights opportunities to refine processes and to make a tangible difference to financial performance
  • Rapidly delivers results with low investment costs, defines and builds solutions to business problems without the traditional IT lag-time.

KPMG Performance View puts advanced analytic tools at your fingertips to help diagnose issues, prioritise resources and assess performance across the business by:

Improve working capital

Making better strategic decisions

Improving economic profitability 

Enhancing spend and reducing costs 

To talk to us about how KPMG Performance View can help you achieve the best results from management information, please contact Nick Whitfeld, Partner Management Consulting, KPMG in the UK.

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