Your commitment
to governance

As the environment in which our
companies, their shareholders and the
wider stakeholders continues to develop
the board must remain vigilant to its
responsibility for governance

UK Stewardship Code 2020

The most recent iteration of the UK Stewardship Code prioritises sustainable value for beneficiaries, the economy and society, whilst substantially raising expectations for how money is invested on behalf of UK savers and pensioners. How effective is your stewardship?

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FRC – UK Corporate Governance code

In July 2018 the Financial Reporting Council updated their coproate governance code providing UK businesses with a set of principles that emphasise the value of good corporate governance to long-term sustainable success.

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FRC – Guidance on board effectiveness

FRC published their guidance on board effectiveness in July 2018 to stimulate boards' thinking on how they can carry out their role and encourage them to focus on continually improving their effectiveness, with suggestions of good practice in supporting directors and their advisors with applying the code.

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Resilience: Leading for the long-term

COVID-19, an imminent global recession and an undercurrent of social injustice pose unprecedented challenges for companies and boards. Every company’s strategy, resilience and responsiveness to its stakeholders’ expectations will be put to the test. Read how boards are addressing these challenges.

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