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On the 2021 board agenda

Drawing on insights and interactions with directors
and business leaders, we highlight the issues to
keep in mind as you approach and execute
your 2021 board agendas

On the 2021 board agenda

Prioritising board agendas will be incredibly challenging in 2021, with COVID-19, recession, extreme weather events, deep-seated social unrest, and Brexit along with global volatility presenting a daunting and opaque business and risk environment for the year ahead.

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On the 2021 audit committee agenda

Audit committees will continue to operate against a backdrop of tremendous uncertainty and an uneven economic recovery. We highlight eight issues that audit committees should keep in mind as they consider and carry out their 2021 agendas

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On the 2021 renumeration committee agenda

In this year where COVID-19 has put nearly every facet of business to the test, we examine the challenges that 2021 may present for remuneration committees.

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On the 2021 nomination committee

The new reality presents a unique opportunity to reshape the board composition whilst working towards providing truly equal opportunity to reach a boardroom that is fit for the future. We explore what’s on the agenda for nomination committees for 2021.

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