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On the 2020 board agenda

Drawing on insights from conversations
with board directors and business leaders
KPMG highlight the issues to keep
in mind as you approach and execute
your 2020 board agendas

On the 2020 board agenda

Prioritising board agendas will be particularly challenging in 2020, continued concerns about the  economy and geopolitical uncertainty in the UK, and elsewhere, the year ahead will require a careful balance of near-term focus, mid-term agility, and long-term thinking.

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On the 2020 audit committee agenda

2020 will be particularly challenging as the audit committee operates against a backdrop of global volatility and economic uncertainty, in a world where investors and stakeholders are becoming increasingly powerful and informed

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On the 2020 remuneration committee agenda

Whilst governance reforms continue to drive clarity and transparency in the UK executive pay framework, remuneration committees come under pressure when executive rewards appear disconnected from long term corporate performance. Are you ready for the challenges ahead?

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On the 2020 nomination committee agenda

Nomination committees are in the spotlight with the media, rise of activist investors, proxy advisors and others looking to hold the committee to account for a range of issues including board skills and diversity, performance, succession planning. Drawing on conversations with board and committee members we summarise the key issues.

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