Geopolitics – strategy and risk

Increasing nationalism, cyber attacks on
critical infrastructure, and the threat of military
conflict, combined with an absence of global
leadership and international governance,
continue to drive global volatility and uncertainty

Geopolitical Face-Offs

Humans seek certainty from uncertainty by imposing patterns over ambiguous situations. KPMG and Eurasia Group have joined forces to explore how macro forces – economic, technological, environmental, political - are interacting with a widening gap in societal values, ideologies and perceptions of equality.

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Eurasia group's top risks

We've lived with growing levels of geopolitical risk for nearly a decade, but without true international crisis. That's now changing. Are you prepared for the tipping point?

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UK regions: a framework for growth

Although topical, regional inequality in the UK is a century old issue – the gap has been widening since the 1980s. As KPMG propose a new approach driven by agglomeration, regional collaboration and devolution, is your business positioned to be part of the future?

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This is how COVID-19 could change the world of work for good

WEF examines the impact of COVID-19 on the world of work – from taking the opportunity to give employees more control over their schedules, to reflecting on enforced experiments around home working.

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