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Board diversity and inclusion

As an essential component for sustainable
growth, the need for relevant experience,
diversity and inclusion in the boardroom
remains front and centre for investors,
regulators, and other stakeholders

Unlocking the boards potential

Boards are driven by their role in value creation. Why do some boards achieve their collective potential in actively shaping the strategic direction of the company while others fail?

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Building accountable boards

Governance does not occur in a social vacuum – accountability is coloured by the shared history of interactions. Are you sufficiently aware of the effect of the board’s collective history on independent mindedness and the proper contest of ideas?

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Directors’ perspectives on building a great board

As board composition and succession planning are increasingly critical to help position companies for the future, global business directors share how their boards approach composition, cover their “blind spots”, and how they think about refreshment and diversity.

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Tackling inequality in the boardroom

Is your organisation leading by example “walking the walk” by driving diversity, equality and inclusion throughout the business, including in the boardroom?

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