Streamlined supply chain transformation

Government departments are often working with complex manual processes and legacy technology for supply chain operations, with the concern that transforming to centralised, digitally driven approaches will be costly and complex.

DSCOM was facing a rapidly changing operating landscape and had challenges in achieving objectives efficiently, effectively and under pressure. The department was:

  •  Working with inefficient and manual business processes
  • Managing data via disparate systems
  • Lacking a clear, consolidated operating picture
  •  Struggling to deploy resources and equipment in the most beneficial and efficient ways
  •  Lacking data and analytics for data-driven decision making and scenario modelling.
  •  Requiring resilience and scalability for increased demand without relying on adding further resources to cope.

KPMG saw that DSCOM needed a centralised, streamlined and digitally driven supply chain management approach, facilitated with an interoperable technology platform that was simple enough to support and evolve under DSCOM stewardship going forward.

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