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Research tells us that 89 percent of staff feel that the distractions from technology negatively impacts their ability to do a good job. 90 percent feel that their inboxes are causing them stress and overwhelm.

A good digital workplace culture contributes to personal individual wellbeing, collaboration and professional achievement. Encouraging and empowering conscious, respectful and purposeful use of tech amongst your people can create a strong digital culture, but it is doubly important that those in positions of seniority model good digital habits. In this podcast, John Waterfield is joined by digital wellbeing and management expert Laura Willis who invites us to examine our own digital behaviour at work and at home and provide practical tools and tips for taking control of your personal and professional technology at a time when we are more reliant on digital than ever before.

Laura Willis digital wellbeing expert and co-founder of Shine Offline, has worked with companies such as O2, ITV, National Grid, 3M and Sky, in engendering a healthy relationship with technology for their employees. In this podcast she shares advice on how small changes in behaviour can make a big difference.

Laura Willis

Podcast session