The regulatory horizon is constantly evolving and the pace at which regulation is moving is rapidly increasing. Compounded by complexity, firms are feeling challenged when trying to stay up-to-date with regulatory changes.

Regulators expect you to identify and assess the rules and guidelines that affect your business. Nevertheless, the sheer volume of announcements make it hard to continuously assess their relevance and impact to you. If prompt action is not taken, this could potentially result in non-compliance risks.

We can help

KPMG Regulatory Horizon provides real-time coverage of regulatory news, with the ability to curate data for further analysis and resolution. It offers:

  • Real-time feed covering regulatory sources across the globe ​
  • Tracks over 70 regulatory topics, including specific regulations and broad themes ​
  • Captures regulatory milestones and provides a view of the regulatory horizon ​
  • Useful search options to categorise news by tailored taxonomy
  • Insightful reports and analytics for further use
  • Tailored plans based on data sources and/or regulatory topics ​
  • Facilitates direct data integration
  • Implementation and tailoring of third-party systems to manage Regulatory Horizon ​
  • Managed services to provide ongoing client tailored support in assessing regulatory changes ​
  • Access to KPMG regulatory specialists


If you would like to find out more about how KPMG Regulatory Horizon can aid your business in this ever-changing regulatory landscape, please contact James Lewis or Lucas Ocelewicz.