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Starting a business doesn’t have to be filled with hard choices and headaches. The KPMG Startup Guide offers you clear, practical advice to help you make the right decisions and set your business up for growth.

The guide has been broken down into the following sections:

Financial Operations

Like most entrepreneurs, you’ve probably got your eyes on the financial rewards that come from building a successful business. But the big decisions you make now may affect your financial future. From getting the right legal framework in place, to setting up clear systems for tracking money flow, it’s essential you understand your options.

Getting talent on board

Finding the people you want on your team is exciting. Handling the contractual and admin requirements that go with becoming an employer, not so much. Having the right processes and documentation in place from the start will make a world of difference. With a system that runs smoothly, keeps you compliant and protects your interests, you’ll be free to focus on putting your team’s talents to work.

Funding options

With a rise in business accelerators and crowdfunding, you no longer need to rely on banks for funding. Once you’ve found investors who like what you do and want to be part of it, the government provides a helping hand too. Tax relief schemes for investors can make putting money into your business an even more attractive proposition.

Compliance and tax reliefs

Tax doesn’t need to be your enemy; in fact, it may even be your friend. Did you know that you may be eligible for certain tax reliefs, including those designed to support small businesses? See what reliefs may be available to you, and find out how to ensure your business remains compliant.

Protecting intangible assets and intellectual property

As your business develops, you’ll create intangible assets such as your brand or the process you follow to provide a service or sell products. Protecting these assets from use by copycats or other businesses can be a challenge. See what action you need to take to claim your IP rights and ensure your assets are safe.

Download our Startup Guide for a deep dive into these issues and refer back to it when you’re next faced with those tricky questions.