Changes in technology and behaviour stand to revolutionise how people work and get to work. But the benefits of changing work, travel and life patterns to people and the environment will only be realised through seamless connections at, to and away from the office.

This is true now more than ever given the challenges that COVID-19 has highlighted in recent months.

Investment in infrastructure must not only improve the connections that people currently rely on but also future proof networks for the way that people will want to live, work and travel in the future, at a cost that is affordable for all.

With the future of mobility and the role of new technologies high on the infrastructure policy agenda, it is vital that we separate those technologies that, whilst interesting, will have a minimal impact on how people live their lives, and those with the potential to have a transformational impact for businesses, their employees and the public.

In a series of papers, The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and KPMG highlight the need to improve commuter infrastructure across the UK. In this we look at how to make commuting greener, more affordable and more reliable for communities across the country.