The Education sector continues to undergo significant transformation with tremendous opportunities; however, this comes with increased risk. Technology is playing a larger role than ever before in all aspects of higher education, from administrative processes to student education. As a result, it is no surprise that industry leaders often rank IT-related risks towards the top of their concerns.

Our CIO survey 2019, conducted with Harvey Nash, identified that almost three-quarters of IT leaders reported they are making a moderate or significant investment in IT with investment in mobile technologies not far behind.

Download our report ESP IT Risk Universe 2020 for an analysis of nine risks we have explicitly identified for the Education sector: Data Privacy, Cloud Implementation, Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure, Budget Restrictions, Service Desk, De-centralised IT, Data Governance and Legacy IT.

Analysis of nine risks we feel should be considered as part of Higher Educations and Universities’ risk management programme for2020/21.