Maximising competitive advantage across the enterprise is one of the greatest challenges for CEOs today, and operations leaders must enable their enterprises with creative solutions and deliver with agility, efficiency and transparency - all while keeping up with evolving technologies.

COVID-19 has only accelerated this. Addressing and responding to disruption whilst mitigating risk has prompted senior operations leaders to not only craft strategies for short-term business continuity, but also prepare for future disruption.   

To do this, organisations need to review and strengthen their operation and supply chain through risk management tactics, contingency plans as well as restructuring, whilst harnessing artificial intelligence (AI), big data and a more predictive supply chain.

To help operations leaders navigate this, we have collated our latest thinking and guidance to help define what your operating strategies need to be and to translate them into an execution plan that will allow your business to compete in the new reality.

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This year our realities have shifted: as customers, as consumers and as professionals. Every business needs to think differently about what they’re selling and where they’re selling it.

Iain Prince, Associate Partner
Operational Transformation and Supply Chain