“With health information more readily available than ever, people want greater control over how and when they receive it and want to be more pro-active in managing their own health.”

The expectations of patients and healthcare professionals have been changing for some time. Greater access to digital platforms has allowed patients to gain more online health information. It has also enabled mobile tracking and online provider reviews. COVID-19 – and the impact of social distancing – has placed even greater pressure on pharmaceuticals companies to meet these expectations.

The new customer wants more control over health information. And they want to receive communications through their preferred channels. That will place greater emphasis on using and sharing data to deliver a personal experience. It will require new strategies around product launches and in-line brands.

Addressing customer expectations will mean adopting an omnichannel approach, with a growing emphasis on online digital channels as face-to-face interactions decrease.

“By creating a seamless, enhanced and more relevant experience for patients to engage with pharma products and services, healthcare will enable pharma companies to target and engage patients with rare conditions throughout their journey.”

This could see improvements in operational efficiency. And it will make it possible to maintain stronger relationships with healthcare professionals and patients. Ultimately, it should help in delivering better health outcomes.

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