The trends that many had predicted to revolutionise work over the next five to ten years have been rapidly accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19. Traditional workforce models are being challenged, digitalisation dominates conversation in virtual boardrooms and, more than ever, employees are looking to their employers for training, guidance and well-being support in order to continue their work.

Even the most prepared leaders have been left seeking answers, and integrating solutions, to new challenges at a pace and scale not previously attempted.

Business leaders pursuing enhanced growth, productivity, and competitive advantage in this digital era need to make crucial decisions about the type of workforce they want to create moving forward. Taking control, planning and moving through this period with purpose and intention will be what separates the average response from the great.

While inevitably challenging, this chapter in the world of work is yet unwritten so there is huge potential for businesses to take this moment and create a future-focused workplace fit for our new reality. Discover here some of KPMG’s latest HR and people insights to support you through this journey.

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“If the digital future is to be our home, then it is we who must make it so.”

—Author Shoshana Zuboffin The Age of Surveillance

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