Managing the day-to-day on-campus lives of academics, students, and professional service staff creates an unrivalled challenge for managing resources and risk. At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the immediate challenge institutions faced was how to facilitate remote teaching, learning, research, and working.

As we look towards the future and the new reality of the campus - a combination of virtual and physical spaces - balancing the availability of staff and students with the readiness of locations will require coordination across multiple teams covering teaching and learning, estates management, security and IT. It will also be crucial to remain dynamic and flexible, capable of rapidly adapting to and handling future changes in Government guidelines to manage COVID-19 risk.

Restart solution

KPMG have developed a solution to assessing, developing and delivering the capabilities required to successfully operate physical locations while both managing risk and improving the experience of staff and students.

Restart methods

Pre-packaged, ready-to-use set of eight user journeys covering each step of an individual’s transition back to campus, including template checklists, questionnaires and risk frameworks.

Restart app

Capture staff and student availability, assess and manage risk, track location readiness, enable access via mobile campus passports – all with management dashboards to monitor and support decision making.

  • Built on KPMG's and our clients’ practical experience of mobilising campuses and workspaces globally.
  • Engineered by our experts in people, finance, operations, infrastructure and risk.
  • Assists institutions to manage compliance with government guidelines through end-to-end workflows.
  • Available on leading platforms including Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, and MS PowerApp.

Developing the journey for your staff and students

Using our eight pre-packaged user journeys we will work with you to understand the decisions you need to make including:

  • Campus and people readiness
  • Pre-assessment and request
  • On the day travelling
  • Working / studying
  • Leaving and returning home
  • Monitoring results
  • Risk realised
  • Safely working / studying remotely

Each map identifies or asks:

  • The steps for each role as they navigate returning to and continued presence on campus.
  • Expectations: what is the individual likely to think, want and feel?
  • Opportunities: where could we go further to improve the experience?
  • Risks and challenges: what should we remain aware of and monitor?
  • Tools and Systems: that are required to enable that experience.

Core app capabilities

App for capturing staff and student risk assessment and managing campus passport

- Manage location readiness
- Capture staff and student capability
- Staff and student daily check-in
- Campus passporting
- Manage risk
- Monitor distancing effectiveness
- Respond to outbreaks
- Real-time dashboards

Dashboard for tracking overall institutional readiness and availability

The app is underpinned by:

- Extended processes incorporating UK and Higher Education sector-specific guidelines
- Pre-configured assessments and reporting
- Analytics to optimise scenario planning

Further reducing configuration time, enhancing the level of controls and allowing institutions to focus on scenario planning and maximising the staff and student experience.

Benefits of KPMG’s Restart solution

Speed of set up:

  • UK Higher Education specific scenarios covering key user journeys for Universities.
  • Ready-to-go templated approach to help manage your staff and student experience.
  • Out of the box automation results in faster, easier scenario planning and response to lockdown changing.

Richness of content:

  • Global insights from restarts in the UK and in countries further ahead.
  • Aligned with government guidelines with local implementation considerations.
  • Part of KPMG COVID-19 Enterprise Resilience Framework offering access to broader business resources to support related operational, financial and commercial issues.

Digitally enabled:

  • Enriches the leading software solutions with industry leading, detailed processes
  • Roadmap of new processes and assets as the situation changes and develops.
  • Integrates with existing systems and can be hosted on your own environment.

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