What does the new reality mean for the South East?

There are some key issues for the region to overcome – transport (including the re-opening of airports), the safe return to the workplace and the survival of businesses both large and small. In some cases, the pandemic has highlighted areas where the region was falling behind – especially in relation to productivity and skills.

In this new reality video, Tim Rush discusses two areas where we’ll see change.

Technology developments

COVID-19 has emphasised the need for businesses to invest in their digital strategy. Digital channels will become key for engaging customers. And automated processes will become a primary driver of productivity – and the basis of flexible and more efficient supply chains.

Future of work

The pandemic has accelerated the need for local businesses to retrain and re-skill their workforces with digital skills – especially, if there is greater automation. For many businesses in the region, a key legacy of the pandemic could be more homeworking. This could see the talent pool upon which certain businesses draw on expand significantly. 

Tim Rush

Office Managing Partner, Gatwick

KPMG in the UK