Download our 2020 Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index report.

Less hype, more progress: these are the key findings of this years’ KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index (AVRI) as authorities have focused on the regulatory and societal acceptance enablers of the technology.  The COVID-19 pandemic and shifting user and environmental requirements for transportation could accelerate the next round of AV development and deployment around the globe.

Now in its third edition, KPMG International’s AVRI adds five new countries and jurisdictions as well as five notable cities to its coverage of one of the most exciting areas of transport technology.

For the first time, Singapore heads the index, followed by previous leader the Netherlands. In 2019 the city-state took significant steps to encourage autonomous vehicles (AVs), including opening a tenth of its public roads for testing and planning how driverless vehicles will be used in public transport.

This year sees Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Italy and Taiwan join the index. All 30 countries and jurisdictions are profiled, summarising key initiatives by government and businesses, and drawing on the knowledge and insights of local KPMG subject matter experts. The report also includes profiles of Beijing, Detroit, Helsinki, Pittsburgh and Seoul, recognising the importance of cities in AV development.

What about the UK?

Whilst the UK has dropped two places to ninth overall in the newly enlarged index, there are many reasons to remain optimistic, from regulatory framework reviews, (circa) £200 million funding in UK test beds and leading new measure on cyber security.

“The UK has a really healthy ecosystem for early stage work, with a lot of tests and trials,” says Sarah Owen- Vandersluis, Partner, Head of Future Mobility, KPMG in the UK. But she adds that there are challenges in scaling up such work and stimulating the necessary collaboration across the whole Mobility ecosystem. The UK is also lagging the top countries in terms of coverage of telecoms infrastructure and roll out of EV charging (critical since AVs will likely be electric).  


To find out more, download our 2020 Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index report.