KPMG UK’s Investor Insights programme is  dedicated to:

  • Providing and sharing perspectives on how  corporate reporting and stewardship can evolve to meet investors’ changing needs
  • Explaining the impact of corporate reporting  and assurance developments from an  investor’s perspective
  • Providing a forum for discussing the further  development of corporate reporting and  assurance to meet investor needs
  • Providing an opportunity for investors to  feedback their views on the companies we audit

In response to feedback from our engagement with investors, we have made significant changes, some of which are described below.

Governance and culture

  • Recognising the investing shareholder as the client
  • Stronger and more independent governance for our audit practice including a new separate Board for our audit practice
  • Taking a lead in ending non-audit work for FTSE 350 companies

Future of the profession and corporate reporting

  • Bringing the investor view into the firm’s response to external reviews (incl. Brydon, Kingman and Stewardship reviews)
  • Publication of a paper on capital maintenance to examine the issues and sketch out, for debate, possible ways forward

Bringing the investor lens into our audits

  • Investor input into planning of our audits
  • Investor perspective in training to audit professionals
  • Challenging the companies we audit to improve their corporate reporting, with an investor lens
  • Reporting to Audit Committees on common areas of investor focus (e.g. APMs)

Enhancing our audit reports to deliver more of our independent insight

  • Pioneering graduated findings
  • Providing an indication of estimation uncertainty
  • Expanding the explanation of our work on going concern
  • Clarifying which laws and regulations we consider
  • Encouraging companies to publish annual reports closer to the date of the results announcement
  • Offering a new independent report on audited preliminary announcements to provide earlier insights on our audits

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