COVID-19 is a global health crisis with far reaching implications. The overwhelming priority is now to contain the virus and minimise its spread, reducing the impact it will have on individuals, families and communities around the world. Our thoughts are with all those that have been affected.

At KPMG, we have launched a pandemic response programme to protect our people and manage the resilience of the services and support we provide to our clients and the companies we audit.

Protecting our people and clients

Our priority throughout this crisis has been the health and wellbeing of our people, clients and communities.

Throughout we’ve been supporting the wellbeing of our people and providing new types of support – including special leave for those with caring responsibilities, a one-stop shop with the latest advice to help everyone keep safe and a buddying network enabling colleagues to stay connected.

KPMG colleagues are passionate about our communities, so we’ve also been supporting them to volunteer during these exceptional times, whether that’s to help KPMG partner charities or local response schemes.

Our focus remains firmly on our clients and the companies we work with. So we’ve been hosting regular webinars giving them access to a range of KPMG and industry experts to discuss critical business issues related to COVID-19. And we’ve been sharing resources to help them navigate through the pandemic and its impact on the economy and wider society.

UK return

In line with the UK Government guidance, we introduced a phased reopening of offices and return to client/third party sites in July.

Please see an overview of our risk assessment here.

Social distancing measures have reduced our office capacity by 50% and we have invested significantly to make our offices COVID secure. We have developed a UK Return App for all colleagues to safely support their return. This ensures that colleagues are in a safe position to return and are comfortable to do so. We also provide protective equipment and guidance to enable them to travel safely.

We continue to follow UK and devolved Government guidance and in line with this we anticipate that the majority of our people will work from home for the rest of 2020 unless guidance changes. Our teams are well set up for this, are productive and working well remotely.

Working in our offices

  • While the majority of our people are working from home, our COVID-secure offices in England are open to colleagues who have a business need or prefer to work in the office because for wellbeing reasons. Offices in Scotland remain closed in line with the Scottish Government guidance for non essential offices and our office in Wales is closed due to refurbishment until October
  • Each office has been subject to a detailed health and safety assessment prior to reopening as well as regular reviews since opening.
  • Our robust health and safety procedures are supported by our UK Return App.
  • Colleagues undertake an initial risk assessment on the App which checks that staff are only returning in line with government guidance, and they also complete a daily confirmation that they are not displaying a temperature or other COVID-19 symptoms, and are comfortable to return.
  • On arrival at the office we also ask all visitors to have their temperature screened and confirm it’s safe for them to be in the building.
  • Social distancing measures are in place. This means restrictions on the number of people who can use each office at any one time and on the use of certain spaces. 
  • We are ensuring the appropriate level of deep cleaning is taking place.
  • We provide colleagues with a support kit prior to travelling, including a thermometer, hand sanitiser and reusable face coverings.
  • Face coverings are used by KPMG employees when attending our offices and when social distancing cannot be observed - for example, when using enclosed facilities such as lifts.

Return to client and third-party sites

The safety of our colleagues and clients working at client or third-party premises is equally as important as those working or visiting a KPMG office.

We ask our clients and third parties to confirm that they have complied with relevant Government guidance before KPMG employees undertake work there.

We also ask our people attending a client site/third-party premises to confirm that they are comfortable to do so, as well as using our UK Return App on a daily basis to check they are asymptomatic and safe to travel.  We also provide them with a support kit prior to travelling, including a thermometer, hand sanitiser and reusable face coverings.

Working from home

Our people have always worked in a hybrid way at a large scale - across client sites, offices and homes and we see this model as the future for our business and our clients.

We expect a large proportion of colleagues to continue to work from home for the remainder of the year but our offices will remain open for those who have a business or wellbeing need to come in. If the Government introduces further restrictions due to a resurgence in the COVID-19 threat in specific regions or nationally, we are ready to adapt our plans and are confident in our ability to continue support clients, people and communities as we have done throughout this crisis.

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