The COVID-19 pandemic is creating unprecedented disruption throughout our lives and the global economy. Customer demand, supply chains, financial markets, the labour force and every aspect of day-to-day business are affected. Businesses have faced crises before, but this one is uniquely complex and unpredictable. Many businesses will have their crisis management plans in place, the challenge now is how do you sustain a plan typically built for days and weeks to manage a period of extended uncertainty?

Maintaining resilience will mean taking an organisation-wide view across the below three pillars:

Our guide sets out the challenges facing organisations, provides insight about best practice, and outlines our view of immediate, medium and long term actions organisations should be taking. We share our experiences and explore practical ways in which you can assess, strengthen and plan a phased response, bolstering resilience through to recovery.

  • Complete our online assessment, which has been tailored to the issues of COVID-19. You will receive a customised report providing practical considerations and potential actions to take.
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Enterprise resilience insights