UPDATE: Return to work updates – click through the resilience themes to see what steps your company should be considering. 

COVID-19 continues to affect most elements of businesses, from the robustness of supply chains, to the stability of the financial markets, the availability of the labour force and the threat of rapidly waning customer demand. KPMG is standing side by side with our clients across all industries and all sectors to ensure they receive fast, informed and highly practical guidance – drawing on the latest industry insights and learnings from our experts based right across our network around the globe. While we live in a COVID-19 world, businesses need to maintain a greater focus on resilience across their entire enterprise including commercial resilience, operational resilience and financial resilience, all agile enough to evolve over time and in the light of changing circumstances.

Based on ongoing insights from our practitioners, and now also incorporating feedback and experiences from our clients, we have been updating our guide to determine the key considerations for Return to Work and how to start to plan for the future. Under the pillars of Operational, Financial and Commercial the themes now consider the industry insights, challenges, recommended actions and how KPMG is helping and supporting.

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Key pillars of resilience