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Businesses were already working hard to maintain resilience in the face of the fast-moving trends, including relentless technology innovation, extended supply chains and changing customer expectations, and of course, BREXIT. Facing COVID-19, businesses must now urgently assess all aspects of their resilience, hone in on the key issues and keep them under review to ensure survival and success.

Maintaining resilience will mean taking an organisation-wide Enterprise view including financial, operational and commercial. In addition organisations with need to consider the latest Government advice and support.

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Enterprise resilience

The organisation-wide ability to withstand disruption and changing conditions.

Financial resilience

The ability to withstand the financial impact on liquidity, income and assets.

Operational resilience

The ability to withstand operational shocks and continue to deliver your core business.

Commercial resilience

The ability to respond to changing market and consumer pressures.

Government advice and support

How best to understand and access government advice and support.

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