Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) face a host of forces that have opened up opportunities for Finance to take a leadership role in the enterprise like never before. While the demands on finance can seem daunting, with the right operating model, tools and talent — Finance can rise to a strategic leadership role.

However, in the UK, Finance teams may be missing the opportunity to become strategic leaders in business by prioritising cost-cutting exercises and regulatory compliance over future strategy. We found:

  • 61% of UK finance functions have said cost-cutting through the use of data and analytics is a priority – significantly higher than the global average of 44%
  • 13% rank future-proofing against regulatory change a key priority for their finance functions

The survey provides key insights on finance’s priorities, challenges and capabilities both globally and in the UK.The good news is that success is achievable. Indeed, Finance functions at high-performing companies have not only been able to adapt to this new environment, but to thrive in it.

Download the full report for further insights: Future of Finance Global Survey