The opportunity for 5G is undoubtedly huge. Mobile connectivity is a critical part of the infrastructure agenda, and governments around the world have an important role in charting the right path for 5G network deployments. As with all capital intensive projects, no one party can undertake the mammoth task, and effective partnerships are needed to achieve seamless inter-operability.

'Encouraging 5G investment' report looks at lessons to learn for encouraging 5G investment, based on the actions of policy makers and mobile operators from the countries expected to lead the way in 5G rollout and adoption by 2025.

We find that:

  • network sharing (both passive and active) has been an important enabler of network investment
  • encouraging effective network competition has led to innovation and rapid deployment
  • allocation of spectrum to multiple operators on fair, reasonable and transparent terms has catalysed 5G deployments
  • government support through removal of administrative barriers, R&D support, subsidies and favourable planning regulations have also been a hallmark of the leading 5G countries in our assessment

We hope that the policy lessons learned from 5G leaders across the globe, and described in our report, can be applied effectively by policy makers looking to catalyse 5G deployments. And that this report can contribute effectively to the active discussion on 5G, which may very well shape the TMT sector for years to come.


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