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Championing Growth

Championing Growth

Around the UK, we asked businesses how
they were supercharging growth into the 2020s

National issues. Local solutions.

From large-cap CEOs to start-up founders; angel investors to public sector chiefs. Late last year KPMG and The Times & The Sunday Times spoke with business leaders at four regional Growth Summits across the UK.

We were curious to know how businesses – large and small – were maximising growth … and what was getting in their way. The results were fascinating.

The story at our summit in Cambridge was one of the public and private sectors combining to create an unparalleled ecosystem of innovation. Glasgow revealed Scotland's export potential but also a desire for bolder ambition at home. Debate in Leeds highlighted the need for organisations to leave London to connect with their consumers. Lastly, in Bristol the lesson was how the right 'feel' to a place can create a magnet for talent and fast-growing companies.

Leaders across all summits understood that business needs to change. The interests of staff, communities and the environment can no longer play second fiddle to investors – not just to meet their moral obligations but their financial interests too.

Familiar challenges surfaced throughout – finding funding locally, harnessing advanced tech, investing amid the fog of Brexit and summoning the confidence to go global. Yet, above all pragmatism and positivity reigned. Across the following pages, you will find some of the best ideas and reflections heard during the series, delivered by some of Britain's most innovative companies.

We've look forward to continuing this conversation with you …


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