Start realising the full potential of your data

Rapid growth of the Internet of Things, connected devices, the promise of 5G, and rapidly evolving methods of using and analysing data have ushered in a new age of insight gained from connecting customer, strategic, and operational data.

Combine this with the affordable cost of data storage and data transfer and processing costs declining, means there are near-limitless opportunities for organisations to uncover actionable insights.

Unleashing data’s power requires elevating it to the status of a strategic asset. Yet, challenges including unclear rules of engagement among key technology leaders, data fluency, lengthy data curation cycles, and complex and siloed system architectures across organisations, are preventing many organisations from achieving successful outcomes.

Organisations must fundamentally change how they view and use data, to capitalise on data’s full potential.

Where should you start? KPMG recognises four key areas as a strategic priority for launching your own data transformation journey: 

  • Devise a data value proposition grounded in business objectives;
  • Clarify IT function accountabilities that are built into your operating model;
  • Identify skills gaps and start your organisation’s data literacy journey; and
  • Manage the cultural shift.

Download Data as an asset to explore how IT leaders can launch, advance, or accelerate their organisation's journey to becoming a digital, data-driven enterprise and read our two-page overview (PDF 220 KB).

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