5G is not an evolution, but a revolution. Successful carrier service providers (CSPs) will be the ones that are thinking beyond traditional partnering, merger, acquisition and divestiture transformational deals that satisfy both the evolving needs of their customer base and demands from shareholders.

We recognise that traditional routes to partnering/acquisitions may not be sufficient to drive the type of transformation that carrier service providers now expect. The focus is shifting towards ‘transformational’ deals, and defining ‘deal success’ has become a lot harder.

5G ultra-reliable connectivity and low-latency will provide doctors the ability to perform remote surgeries through robotics and enhance the ability of factory automation. All of these take services beyond connectivity, and transform how CSPs partner:

  • With emerging technologies and innovations
  • To deliver enhanced customer engagement
  • To transforming your operating model

KPMG UK is recognised as a leader in transformational deals consulting.

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