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Customer-centric procurement

Customer-centric procurement

Customer experience will be the number one brand differentiator by 2020

Employees bring their consumer experiences to work with them. That means growing expectations of the workplace – and for procurement staff, it means increasing frustration with outdated technology, complex policies and limited insight.

Employees may even opt out of official procedures, finding easier ways to get what they need using digital technology and platforms. As a result, maverick spend is reaching alarming levels in some organisations.

Yet as procurement leaders grapple with evolving employee expectations, they’re restrained by their two overriding objectives: to reduce cost and mitigate risk.

A new paradigm

In the digital economy, the most successful brands are the most customer-centric. It’s a lesson procurement must learn when it comes to the function’s internal customers - its employees.

The procurement function of the future will embed customer-centricity into its systems, processes and people by:

  • Creating seamless, relevant and user-friendly employee experiences
  • Acting as a broker of relationships, skills and innovation, as well as products and services; and 
  • Playing a central role in the business planning process.

A virtuous cycle

The best procurement leaders understand the power of CX. They know that digital innovation drives compelling experiences, which further raises expectations – creating the opportunity to introduce more services.

That’s why they’re harnessing the technology, processes, and behavioural analysis of the consumer industries to transform their procurement organisations.

Employee‑as‑consumer strategies in procurement and tailored purchasing experiences, can help companies achieve spend compliance objectives.

What's next?

It’s no longer business as usual for procurement. The scale and speed of transformation required to address market disruption is extraordinary.

Success requires a blueprint for turning disruptive events into opportunities to drive competitiveness and growth.

This is what the future demands of procurement. Contact us today to start moving forward.

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