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Investment in technology innovation - Colorful fiber optics

Investment in technology innovation

Investment in technology innovation

“Disrupt or be disrupted”. Tech companies know this mantra well. In this fast-paced business world, companies need to continually innovate, expand and control costs in order to stay ahead of competition. Many companies, both startups and large enterprises, are investing in emerging technologies they believe will help them gain competitive advantage.

KPMG’s latest report, ‘Investment in technology innovation’ shows that the Internet of Things is the top emerging technology that tech companies are investing in today and plan to continue investing in three years from now.

They also have the ambitious target of achieving significant return on investment (ROI) on innovative technologies with over 44 percent of respondents expecting significant ROI within the first six months after their initial investment.

Download the full report to explore:

  • The top 10 technologies that tech companies are investing in and plan to continue investing in three years from now.
  • How much startups, mid-market and large enterprises are investing annually in innovation.
  • How aggressive ROI expectations are and how they compare across countries and company sizes.
  • Five key considerations for corporate leaders when pursuing dynamic investment opportunities.