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Helping you to reset and realign your cost base

Helping you to reset and realign your cost base

As today’s disruption challenges old ways of working, the pressure on organisations to stay competitive through operational efficiencies, increased agility and cost cutting has never been greater.


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Initially introduced over 40 years ago, zero based cost management fell out of favour with leadership teams, being seen as unwieldy, labour intensive, highly disruptive and ultimately not delivering to the bottom line. We believe the recent resurgence of this potentially valuable way of thinking about trade-offs between risk and value stands the greatest likelihood of being successfully applied in today’s business environment if organisations:

  • prioritise human factors over a technical process
  • focus ruthlessly on value creation
  • inject tension into the system
  • tackle attitudes to risk head on
  • focus attention on driving long-term value from zero basing.

Specifically, our approach builds on the principles of how private equity organisations create value, with a focus on evidence based decision making to build consensus, deal quality analytics to remove emotion and the highest standards of rigour and governance. In short, getting leadership to rethink their business through the eyes of an external investor.

Rapidly changing business models demand increasingly agile responses, as resources shift to support strategic objectives. In focusing on these critical conditions for success we believe organisations are best placed to achieve this by continually challenging themselves to direct resources to the point of greatest strategic worth.

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