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Brexit and Zero Basing: Creating certainty in an uncertain world

Brexit and Zero-Basing

CEOs are facing almost unprecedented levels of uncertainty and cost pressure from Brexit and other macro-economic conditions. One way we are seeing this is a renewed focus on cost management and use of Zero Basing to support this.


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breexit and zero basing

What is ‘zero basing’? It entails building operating plans and budgets from the bottom up. It means starting from a blank piece of paper and justifying every activity and cost, adding them back in if they support delivery of the business strategy.

Using this approach, it’s not uncommon to see cost savings of 25% or more. The spend that remains is directed to the activities of greatest strategic value. It’s a powerful proofing agent against the pressures of Brexit, making businesses leaner and more resilient for the future.

Read this two page document to find out what else we think companies should be doing.

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