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Banking Finance Function Benchmarking

Banking Finance Function Benchmarking

KPMG Banking Finance Function Benchmarking Overview:

What is BFFB?

KPMG’s Banking Finance Function Benchmarking (BFFB) study generates insights driven from non-public data sourced on a global scale to compare Finance functions across industry. Each year the KPMG BFFB team produce an industry wide report showcasing trends across banking and also produce personalised comparative reports for each client. By collating data through a consistent framework, we are able to observe trends on: 

  • Cost: optimising the Finance function towards a cost efficient business, primarily through adoption of automation, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies
  • Quality: exploiting the petabytes of data at Banks disposal packed with actionable insights to improve the quality and speed of directional insights using AI and machine learning (ML) to go beyond predictive into prescriptive analytics
  • Control: developing a more effective and forward looking approach to regulatory requirements, primarily through enhances internal controls and data security protocols

BFFB expansion over the years

We started out in 2017 with a portfolio of 8 banks. Within 3 years the number of universal and retail banks on board has tripled as the project is now nearing maturity. As the number of banks increased, so has our capability – we are now 8 people working to create reports and analytics insights to 40+ banking clients across the globe.

BFFB benefits

  1. Input from banks: half a day for data extraction and 1-2 hours playback session concentrating on high value insights from the executive report.
  2. Participants receive (i) bank versus peer comparison analysis (ii) 40 page full report with industry benchmarks and trends.
  3. Participants get access to the benchmarking roundtable event. This year, BFFB is planning to host member exclusive events in London, Switzerland, Canada and Singapore.
  4. Participants get access to P2P session with opportunities to discuss trends under Chatham house rules.

Participate in BFFB 2020:

We are looking for additional leading banks to participate in this year’s report to enable us to harness more learnings from the data collected. Submit a request on this form to be able to discuss how your firm can participate in the 2020 report.

If you’d like to have a copy of the anonymised BFFB report and industry lead indicators please reach out to the BFFB team or send a request via this form and a member of the team will get back to you.

Articles and thought leadership:

Disruption dominates the CFO agenda

Never before has the demand on Banks and Finance functions to respond to the numerous paradigm shifting forces been greater – the need to become agile, an unpredictable and disruptive business environment, and increasing demands from stakeholders to be more digital and customer centric. As Banks are looking to transform their business models to align with market expectations, CEOs and CIOs are looking to their Finance functions to take grater strategic responsibilities.

Our annual report provides CFOs with deep insights on what the word “leading” means for Finance cost, operating model and digital adoption. It allows them to identify gap to leading practices in all of these dimensions and what they could be investing in to bridge these for their organisation. Ultimately, BFFB is designed by Finance professionals for Finance professionals fuelled by primary data not conjecture or belief. 

The articles below cover a broad range of topics and perspectives on the future disruption of the Finance function based upon our analysis of primary data collected through our study.

Click below for more perspectives on the transformative role of the Finance functions in banks.

Meet the team

Aris Kosoras


BFFB Programme Sponsor

Nelly Ford

Assistant Manager

BFFB Programme Manager

If you have any questions about KPMG’s Banking Finance Function Benchmarking report, you can email the team directly by clicking here.