Trust has always been a powerful currency

As technology fuels the digital age, IT has never been more important in influencing the customer experience and shaping customer interactions. In the near future, technology leaders will face a significant challenge - customer trust. The importance of trust is becoming more dependent on complex, often invisible, connected technologies, data streams and third parties. But people instinctively distrust things they can't see, touch or understand.

With over 95% of companies undertaking some form of business model transformation brands that want to remain competitive will move beyond simply implementing innovative emerging technologies and embed the concept of customer trust into every element of the technology product lifecycle. Leaders that can deliver highly tailored, personal experiences while embedding technical trust into the application, infrastructure, data, integrations, and supplier ecosystem, will be at a competitive advantage.

Technology is integral for meeting customer needs. When it works, customers are fulfilled. When it fails, trust is lost.

The time has come for technology leaders to take leaps of faith and answer:

  • How can we trust a machine-learning algorithm to make ethical choices on our behalf?
  • How can my function help the business deliver winning, trusted solutions to customers?

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