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Autonomy: Enabling trust for the masses

Autonomy: Enabling trust for the masses

Autonomous vehicles have arrived, what will it take for us to start using them?

Charlie Simpson

Partner and Head of Mobility 2030, KPMG Global Strategy Group

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Bringing all the components of the autonomous vehicle (AV) ecosystem together – hardware, software, data, security, integration, and compliance – in a harmonious system is challenging the transport industry and impeding the mass adoption of AVs.

Holistic technology governance of the smart mobility ecosystem will pave the way, providing a framework for orchestrating the governance of the technologies inside AVs that is essential to building the foundation of trust necessary for individuals to regularly use them.

Holistic technology governance sets policies, rules and standards for the behaviours and actions of everyone involved, including government departments, automotive manufacturers, and suppliers, transport providers, infrastructure businesses and mobility vendors. This enables the exchange of data between technologies and helps ensure the safe and efficient operation of these smart transport systems.

This report looks at how holistic technology governance can drive trust in the transport systems of the future and mass adoption of AVs.

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